Welcome to Wire Works, Inc.

The Wire Works, Inc. was founded in 1986. At that time the founder and principal officer was already running a growing metal manufacturing business in the San Fernando Valley in Southern California. McMurray's Manufacturing Co., Inc. was founded in 1982, incorporated in 1984, and specializes in processing metal products for the construction industry, most of which are used by the roofing trade. Today McMurray's Manufacturing Co., Inc. ranks as one of the top three roof tile metal birdstop (eave enclosure) producers in the United States. The founder and principal officer, Patrick McMurray, has spent over 20 years working with roof tile fastening systems and related hardware. As a result, The Wire Works, Inc. has interfaced with several major roof tile manufacturers in the past and continues to work closely with them as well as architects and roofing contractors in  a constant ongoing Research and Development program.

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